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BCS Brush Mower

Brush Mower

The BCS brush mower is the weapon of choice for people who want a non-manicured lawn to have a lawn-like appearance. Mowing anything it can bend, the brush mower is a perfect solution for those areas that four-wheel tractors can’t mow—across steep slopes, along ponds and streams, through walking trails and more.

Starting at $1080

Attachment price only. See compatibility chart below for compatible tractor models.

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Brush Mowers have available widths of 21”, 26”, and 32”.

The brush mower gives cutting power and protection with a floating deck, allowing for maneuverability in tight spaces. Its unique design features skids on each side and two ¼” thick swinging blades similar to a large rotary brush mower for 4-wheel farm tractors. The horizontal blades fold back when encountering a rock or hard surface.

The blades on the brush mower do not chop material as fine as a lawn mower or flail mower, therefore are not ideal for cover-crop mowing. Cut material is released under a rubber flap in the rear.
Accessory Note: Models 718, 722 and 620 require 5” x 10” wheels to operate the appropriately sized Brush Mower.

Accessory Note:  We recommend 6.5” x 12” Wheels for optimal use of the 32” Brush Mower.  The extra wheel height will provide more ground clearance for the engine.

  • 21”, 26”, or 32” mowing widths.
  • Floating deck tilts up to 15 degrees to follow ground contours.
  • Two pivoting 1/4″ thick blades “give” when hitting rocks or debris.
  • 4″ cutting height.
  • Hardened steel gears and ball bearings encompassed by steel-reinforced aluminum gearbox case.
  • Rear rubber flap prevents dogging.