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Equipped with Maxim’s medium-sized transmission, the MS50 provides great balance between power and tine speed (approx. 78 RPM Max). Tillers using the medium transmission have less bulk making them easier to use in smaller places, while retaining the power to work heavy soils and pull attachments, thereby making them our most popular home owner tillers.


• Rugged all-steel construction

• Simplicity of design for ease of use and maintenance

• Adjustable tilling width

• Repairable transmission

• Drag bar

• Heavy-duty welded tines

Engine Briggs & Stratton, 205cc
Transmission Chain Drive (Available with Reverse)
Tine Speed (Max) 78 RPM
Tines Slasher Tines with Welded Blade Tines
Tilling Width 14″ or 26″
Tilling Depth Up to 10″
Drag Bar Standard
Handles 1″-14 Gauge Tubular Steel
Hitch Stamped Hitch with
3/8″ x 1-1/2″ Drag Stake
Tires 10 x 1.75 (for transport only)
Included Accessories N/A
Length 55″
Width 26″
Height 36″
Shipping Weight 135 lbs