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The BCS Mowing Sulky (also called “working sulky”) is designed so owners can ride while they mow! Recommended for the larger BCS tractor models featuring a third working speed and individual wheel brakes (853, 749, 750), the mowing sulky operates front-mount attachments only, but is not limited to any particular mowing attachment. The Power Sweeper can also be operated when the Mowing Sulky is attached.

Via a pair of lynch pins, the Mowing Sulky frame connects to rods/flanges that are mounted to the tractor wheels. This is particularly useful if you encounter mowing areas not suited for the Mowing Sulky, such as steep slopes or tight areas. The sulky can be easily removed and re-attached in the field with no tools required!

The Mowing Sulky is the only way to ride any BCS tractor while operating an attachment—the Utility Trailer cannot operate implements while they are connected. Like the Utility Trailer, the Mowing Sulky inhibits the turn radius of the tractor. Sharp turns are not recommended due to a potential jack-knife effect.


Attachment price only. See compatibility chart below for compatible tractor models.

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  • Two-wheel frame with seat.
  • For use during operation of front-mount mowers and sweepers only.
  • Steering brakes recommended (models 749, 750, 853).
  • Sulky frame is easily removed/connected from flanges that are mounted to tractor wheels.