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BCS is the largest manufacturer in Europe of premium quality, all-gear-driven, two-wheel tractors and attachments. Hundreds of thousands of customers in over 50 countries depend upon BCS quality every day to accomplish a multitude of demanding tasks such as tilling, mowing, snow removal, brush chipping, sweeping, wood splitting, pressure washing, etc. People worldwide have found this precision-crafted two-wheel tractor to be the ideal machine for maintaining their property. It’s far less expensive, and far more maneuverable, than four wheel tractors. The BCS power units are more versatile and better performing than single purpose walk-behind machines.
No Belts – No Chains – No Equal

The heart of the BCS two-wheel tractors is the all-gear driven transmission.  You’ll find heat-treated steel gears and shafts, not stamped, not powdered, and certainly not plastic. The BCS tractor transmission has a “No-Time Limit” warranty to the original purchaser for home property use. BCS Tractors are used in commercial applications and are built to perform for decades.
BCS tractors utilize a spring-loaded, double cone clutch, or a multiple disc hydraulic wet clutch in the “Power Safe” models, to transfer the engine’s power to the transmission. The clutch loses less than 3% of the engine’s power.  Because it is self-adjusting, the BCS clutch maintains this high degree of efficiency through decades of use. In contrast, virtually all other outdoor, walk behind, power equipment, power is transferred from the engine to the transmission by a belt. At its best, a belt loses 15% of the engine’s power in the transfer. In reality, the percentage is much higher.


Reversible handlebars swing 180 degrees to accommodate both front and rear attachments. Attachments are available to make the versatile BCS a very valuable power tool. In just 2 to 5 minutes, rotate the handlebars, tighten two nuts (or just flip a lever, if you use our optional quick hitch), to change attachments. Your tiller is now a mower or chipper/shredder or snow thrower …

Attachments are the specialized end of the BCS — specific to the job that needs doing. Whether it’s as a tiller, mower, snow thrower, or sweeper, the all-gear-drive of the BCS tractor will give you performance that exceeds that of belt- and chain-driven, single purpose competitors.

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